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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Drink Swamp Pop

Previously in South Louisiana the name "Swamp Pop" most commonly referred to a style of music but for two Lafayette entrepreneurs it has hit the shelves of local grocery stores as there creation of a Premium Sugarcane Soda. This past week the company announced there Lafayette based product would be hitting the shelves of Rouses Supermarket locations through out South Louisiana and South Mississippi as well as some additional placements throughout Lafayette. 
One of the founders of Swamp Pop Chef Collin Cormier I grew to know well while living in Lafayette as he and I were trying to get the Food truck scene off the ground there. That being said Chef Collin also owns and operates the Viva La Waffle Food Truck with partner Chef Fred Nonato and no doubt after the Waffle Trucks success will they have a hard time drawing the attention of Acadiana to a new venture. Chef Collin and Swamp Pop partner John Peterson (Owner of Genterie- Mens Clothing Boutique) have introduced the product as a Louisiana version of an Old Fashion Soda enhanced with local Louisiana ingredients like Sugarcane, Satsumas, figs, praline, etc. in a glass bottle for an Old School finishing touch. Once again I think Chef Collin has nailed a new concept creation to enhance the rich culture we live in here in South Louisiana. Unfortunately for me the Praline cream soda was sold out at Rouses but it just goes to show its initial popularity. I look forward to seeing new flavors as seasons change as well as  Chef Collin and partner John Peterson success in this new venture. They certainly will have my support in pushing this great product representing old Louisiana flavors in a New style by the next generation of Entrepreneurs.

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