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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chefs to Watch

As a Chef and entrepreneur in this great state of Louisiana I find myself admiring the competition around me daily. This region is filled with some of the best Chefs, farmers and restaurants in the country. Our great cuisine has been a part of our culture for years and with every new generation of chefs it gets just a bit better. 
I personally like to walk a fine line between enjoying the style of many early settlers infused together and enhancing our history with modern day twists. There are a few dishes that as homegrown chef I refuse to alter as they have been so good for so long why mess with them. The dishes are some of the most commonly known to non-natives and eaten daily by residences: Chicken and Sausage  Gumbo, Étouffée, Corn Maque Choux and Red Beans & Rice. These are some recipes I learned at an early age and are to good to mess with, my point being that I believe it is important these new generations of chefs respect the history as well develop the future. 
Annually Louisiana Cookin' magazine picks a group of "Chefs to Watch" that they feel stand out among the crowd. This year I was lucky enough to be chosen among these great chefs. These chefs are proud of there heritage and respect the culture enough to constantly be supporting local farmers and vendors through daily use in there kitchens. You can find the full list of the chosen Chefs and there featured recipes in the September/October issues. These recipes are for the dish that each chef will be featuring at the Chefs to Watch Event October 21st at Cafe Reconcile. This event is a huge fundraiser for Cafe Reconcile and great opportunity for Louisiana Cookin' to help support the efforts of the Cafe with underprivileged youth trying to fulfill there culinary dreams while developing the next generation of Chefs and Restauranteurs. Tickets can be purchased very soon at or donations can be made directly to the cafe at
hope to see you there!