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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding's reception food!

It has been on my mind as to what they ate at this huge event that's been on every channel the last week. There was so much coverage I think they interrupted "Swamp people" twice while I was watching my weekly fix. After planning, catering and paying for our wedding not to long ago all the details of this "Royal wedding" really have peaked my interest. For starters with initial talks of over $20 million being spent on this one day I cant help but think what did the "Royal Chef" make off of this event. I know from being in the Banquet/ Wedding business  for awhile now that the Chef would get a % of sales. Wow by my calculations that "Royal Chef" should have gotten a commission check of at least $400,000 (I would have done it for $300,000). I read an article that said that "one" of the receptions at Buckingham Palace would have 650-700 attendees and passed Canapes would be the menu because the Palace's "Royal Kitchen" can only handle buffets and dinners up to 150. Are you kidding me? Okay I retract my earlier statement about the $400,000 and only doing it for $300,000, I want the full $400k and Ill build you a kitchen to handle the 700 guests. Better yet wanna talk about dinner impossible, give me a handful of Louisiana Chefs, a few culinary students from one of those fancy shmancy schools over there and ten stewards to keep the plates and pots washed and Ill make it happen. So below is a picture of the canapes that were at the "Royal Reception" according to this article I found. Now I don't know about you but after sitting around for hours waiting on the the Royal Chariot to arrive I would have been starving and this would not have cut it. I have catered allot of weddings including my own and I know from experience when my bride and I walked into the reception our guests had to wipe there face and set down the Alligator sauce piquant to welcome us as newlyweds. However as a Chef I do have a pet peeve of guests tearing down a reception buffet like wild animals before the wedding party arrives but thats a story for another day. The "Royal Chef" must have had at least 2 of each item per guest and according to the photo that's at least 7,000 canapes and "were still starving"!
Job well done Chef! Dont want the next one, call me Ill do it!

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